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Making your games speak

Everything you need to manage production tasks in real-time, and seamlessly transfer and integrate bulk audio assets to streamline your workflow — all within one easy-to-use platform.

Created for game developers, by game audio professionals.

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Games using speechless

Demeo – Curse of the serpent lord
Developer: Resolution Games
Casting & communication through Speechless. Recorded multiple characters for Demeo.
Wands Alliances
Developer: Cortopia Studios
Casting & communication through Speechless. Recorded multiple characters for Wands Alliances.
Midnight Ghost Hunt
Developer: Vaulted Sky Games
Casting & communication through Speechless. Recorded multiple characters for Midnight Ghost Hunt.

featured project

Casting and recording of voice actors for FTG's trailer.
"A comprehensive tool is not just beneficial; it is crucial in streamlining the complexities of handling various voiceover projects concurrently"
Franco Freda
Head of Audio
Paradox Interactive

speechless overview

management system

Streamline the voiceover production process with Speechless’ robust script management system, which keeps track of edits, updates and versions to ensure seamless collaboration between team members. Speechless also provides real-time status updates on VO production tasks, allowing project managers and team members to stay informed about the progress of each element in the production pipeline.

Always in sync

We’ve been working in the games industry for years, so we understand how tiring it can be having to constantly track audio against scripts. With Speechless, you can setup complex import and export structures directly from desktop or cloud services (Google Drive & Wwise). The system automatically matches scripts with corresponding audio, maintaining synchronization throughout the production cycle.


Looking for diverse voices to flesh out NPCs in your fantasy RPG? Or maybe you need a lead role for your first-person shooter and you have just the right voice in mind? Browse hundreds of professional voice over actors in our voiceover database, all of which have been carefully curated and independently vetted by us to make sure their gaming creds match their acting creds.

remote recording

Speechless has built-in collaborative tools that make remote recording a snap in any situation. Use our session-recording tool to send the lines you want to record straight to the talent you’ve chosen to work with, all from the comfort of your studio or home. Once you’re done, retrieve, review and organize recorded content with ease using our efficient Audio Take Tracking system.


Test your script directly in your game with the help of AI TTS voices at almost no cost. By testing the lines with the help of TTS you will save both time and money as the script will be perfect when you start booking sessions with real voice actors. Some TTS characters might even make it all the way to release and you can also work with our AI Hybrid license for even more possibilities


Bring your dialogue and characters to life for players all over the world by using Speechless’ automatic translative capabilities, allowing you to easily integrate localized audio in almost any language within just a few minutes, all at the push of a button.
“Speechless makes it so much easier keeping track of, and finding files, making the whole process actually user friendly. This, together with their devotion to cater to our custom needs, makes Speechless an integral part of our VO pipeline.”
David Schlein-Andersen
Voice Over Designer
Liquid Swords

free trial

Start fully functional for 60 days!

No upfront commitment – no credit card required.

Access to curated voice library of 500+ voice talents.

Asset management of 5000 lines.

Access to multiple AI text-to-speech providers (e.g. Eleven Labs, Google, Microsoft Azure).

1 hour of AI text-to-speech trial.


Contact us for a custom plan tailored for your needs where we offer

access to features such as:

More than 5,000 lines of asset management.

Large amounts of AI text-to-speech.

AI Hybrid Licences

Private AI account integration (custom AI voice actors).

Single sign on (SSO).

Custom support & invoice billing

Voice Session Pricing
“It was very easy to put everything up, and made the whole recording session smoother.”
Isac Estemyr
CEO / Founder
Mana Brigade

Frequently asked questions

Can I use generated TTS in a released game?

All text-to-speech (TTS) generated on the platform can be used freely by users, both during the pre-production stage and for released titles.

Can recordings be used in trailers and ads?

Scenes from the game including voices produced in Speechless can always be used free of charge also in trailers and paid advertising. However. you can not record any content specifically to be used for paid advertising outside the game for the equity rates we use. That will be a separate recording session with a usage cost depending on how it will be used.

Can we create our own AI voices?

Speechless natively supports quick cloning with ElevenLabs directly in the platform. Any assets uploaded must be cleared for AI voice cloning or purchased through the platform.

What are your voice session rates?

Session rates vary depending on the game title’s budget. They come in three sizes:

Micro (game budget <0.5M EUR)    €262/hour + game title buyout €262 (once per actor per game)

Indie (game budget 0.5-5M EUR)    €300/hour + game title buyout €300 (once per actor per game)

AAA (game budget >5M EUR)         €450/hour + game title buyout €450 (once per actor per game)

We compensate the voice talents according to Equity rates.

What script formats do you support?

We support import of scripts via Excel, CSV or Google Sheets.

How does the platform scale with big projects?

Speechless supports projects with several million lines and audio files. Track lines between languages easily and generate TTS in bulk with a click of a button.

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