What are your voice session rates?

Session rates vary depending on the game title’s budget. They come in three sizes:

Micro (game budget <0.5M EUR)    €262/hour + game title buyout €262 (once per actor per game)

Indie (game budget 0.5-5M EUR)    €300/hour + game title buyout €300 (once per actor per game)

AAA (game budget >5M EUR)         €450/hour + game title buyout €450 (once per actor per game)

We compensate the voice talents according to Equity rates.

Do you offer a free frial?

Our "starter" plan is free to use. Simply sign-up and you'll be granted the "starter" plan.

Is Speechless entirely cloud-based?


How can I contact you?

You can contact us at info@speechless.games

What web browsers work with Speechless?

Speechless works well with all web browsers, but we recommend using Chrome.

Can the invitations be revoked?

Yes, if you have admin access you can kick any collaborators and also revoke invites that have been sent.

Are my files encrypted?

Data is sent encrypted (from your browser to our server) over TLS (transport layer security). The database is encrypted with AES256 (advanced encryption standard). Our servers are hosted on Google Cloud Platform.

Is 2-factor authorization used for user sign-in?

Yes, with our custom plan you can choose to activate 2-factor authorization.

Is there a logging of user activity?

Yes, you can track all changes that are made within Speechless. Both script and audio.

How do I join a project I've been invited to?

You will receive an email with a link. Follow the instructions and you will be added to the project.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can invite to Speechless?

Yes, based on your subscription plan you will be granted a number of seats. Please check our pricing apge for more info.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to info@speechless.games and we'll cancel your subscription to not renew.

How many projects can I create?

You can create as many projects as you would like under each of your game titles.

How do I start my own project?

When you've registered on the platform, you can create new game projects by selecting the top left menu and selecting "+ new game".

Can I use generated TTS in a released game?

All text-to-speech (TTS) generated on the platform can be used freely by users, both during the pre-production stage and for released titles.

Can recordings be used in trailers and ads?

Scenes from the game including voices produced in Speechless can always be used free of charge also in trailers and paid advertising. However. you can not record any content specifically to be used for paid advertising outside the game for the equity rates we use. That will be a separate recording session with a usage cost depending on how it will be used.

Can we create our own AI voices?

Speechless natively supports quick cloning with ElevenLabs directly in the platform. Any assets uploaded must be cleared for AI voice cloning or purchased through the platform.

What script formats do you support?

We support import of scripts via Excel, CSV and Google Sheets.

How does the platform scale with big projects?

Speechless supports projects with several million lines and audio files. Track lines between languages easily and generate TTS in bulk with a click of a button.

What are your rates for voice actors?

We follow UK Equity rate recommendations and they vary depending on the client’s budget size. They come in three sizes: Micro, Indie and AAA.

Micro = €210/hour.
Indie = €240/hour.
AAA = €360/hour.

Additionally, there’s a buyout fee that’s added on top of your rate that is the same as the first hour. So for a AAA game that would be an additional €360 on top of the hourly rate.

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