Speechless Update, 15th March 2024

In this March update for Speechless, we've implemented a range of new features and improvements to enhance the user experience:

Enhanced Recorder Functionality

Functional keyboard shortcuts within the recorder, streamlining your workflow and allowing for quicker navigation.

Remote Talent Integration

With the new "que" feature, cue remote talent, enabling smooth playback of previous lines and immediate recording initiation once playback concludes, enhancing efficiency.

Efficient Line Playback

Easily playback previous lines, even if they belong to the same character, facilitating scene review and performance evaluation.

Improved Scene Visualization

A more user-friendly interface for character and line management within scenes, ensuring clarity and ease of navigation.

Intuitive Playlist Functionality

Access playlist functionality directly from the line overview, enabling simultaneous playback of multiple selected items for enhanced review.

Optimized Recorder Modes

Improved functionality in both scene and line modes within the recorder, ensuring smoother operation and enhanced user experience.

Scene Line Ordering (bug)

Correct ordering of lines within scenes.

Advanced TTS Line Auditioning

Enhanced functionality for auditioning new Text-to-Speech lines

Upcoming Features

The introduction of speech-to-speech functionality, promising versatility and creativity in voice manipulation.

Improved synchronization between client and voice during remote recording sessions, ensuring a more efficient experience.

Happy developing!