Speechless Wwise Integration

We're thrilled to announce our latest enhancement to our platform – a seamless integration with Audiokinetic's Wwise, the industry-leading audio middleware solution. This integration aims to streamline the process of implementing assets directly into Wwise, offering users a hassle-free experience that significantly boosts efficiency.

For help setting up Wwise , take a look at our guide.

Key highlights:

Effortless Asset Implementation: The integration provides a straightforward process for implementing assets directly into Wwise, saving you valuable time and reducing the complexity of setup.

Quick Setup Process: We've made the setup process incredibly quick. With just a few clicks, you'll have everything configured and ready to go in less than a few seconds.

Streamlined Voice Over Management: Keep all your voice over data neatly organized and synchronized between Wwise and your game engine. Forget about the hassle of managing export folders – our platform ensures a seamless workflow for your audio assets.

Enhanced Collaboration: The integration fosters collaboration by eliminating the barriers between audio and narrative design. Now, your audio team can work seamlessly within Wwise, ensuring a cohesive experience.