Supporting New Beginnings: Our Offer to Emerging Game Dev Studios

We're sorry to hear about the widespread layoffs in the industry; it's truly disheartening. While we may not have the power to create new job opportunities within our own office, we're eager to extend a helping hand to those who are embarking on the journey of establishing their own studios. If you or someone you know has recently founded a game development studio in 2024, please don't hesitate to reach out to apply. We'd be honored to provide a 12-month subscription free of charge*, complete with an AI quota for prototyping assets**. It's a small gesture, but we hope it can offer some assistance.

*Criteria for Eligibility:

Production Budget: Your studio must have a production budget of less than 1M EUR.

Foundation Year: Founded in 2024.

Team Size: No more than 10 people working in the studio.

**1h generated audio per month and studio