Voices In Games, Chapter 2: Genres

Different games have different needs for VO and require different types of VO productions.

Video games have diverse needs when it comes to voice acting, and the type of voice acting production required can vary based on the genre and budget of the game. Indie titles may have less room in their budgets for voice acting than larger AAA games, but all developers must consider how much they are willing to allocate towards voice acting.

At Speechless, we believe that high-quality voice acting doesn't have to be excessively expensive. We offer fair rates for our services and strive to maintain a high level of quality.

Every game production is unique, and the process of recording voice acting can vary from one project to the next. It's important to find ways to streamline the process and focus on the creative tasks, such as writing and prototyping. This is where Speechless can help by simplifying the process of booking sessions and tracking what has been recorded and edited.

There are several types of voice acting that can be used in video games, including dialogue, narration, shouts and barks (one-liners), death screams, and alien languages. The type of voice acting needed will depend on the genre and focus of the game. For example, a game like Battlefield might require more shouts, barks, and death screams, while a story-driven game like Mirror's Edge would require more dialogue.

When working with banks of lines (i.e., lines that are used repeatedly), it's important to avoid repetition in order to maintain immersion. If a player faces a group of enemies and only hears a few variations of the same line ("get them!"), they may become annoyed. It's a good idea to include a variety of similar lines and to record multiple variations of the same line to mix things up. In one project I worked on, we initially had 15 variations of a similar line, but during playtesting we realized we needed at least 30 variations to keep things fresh. If you already have the direction in place and the talent set up, throwing in a few more variations can increase the volume of your VO assets greatly while still keeping the pace in the recording session.

At Speechless, we have a wide selection of talented voice actors suitable for both action-oriented and narrative-driven games with complex dialogue. You can easily find the right candidates for your project through our platform, and all of our talent has been vetted for studio-quality recording. We are equipped to handle all types of voice acting sessions, and our streamlined pipeline makes it easy to book sessions and track progress.