Can the recordings be used in trailers and ads?

Scenes from the game including voices produced in Speechless can always be used free of charge also in trailers and paid advertising. However. you can not record any content specifically to be used for paid advertising outside the game for the equity rates we use. That will be a separate recording session with a usage cost depending on how it will be used.

The license in Speechless for voice-over recordings is a "Buyout for the game title". This means it can be used in the game freely in perpetuity on all platforms and markets.

To be more specific about usage in paid ads. Here are a few examples.


*Use in-game recorded footage in commercials and trailers.


*Record some extra content for trailers and paid ads in a game session.

* Use any content from the game out of it's game scenes for commercial purposes.

NOTE: This is only guaranteed for voice talents recorded and paid for within Speechless unless other is stated in the workorder/Agreement. Other companies can have other rules for this.