Speechless announces Hybrid License

Tuesday 23 April, 2024 - Today, Speechless, the voice actor database and asset tool for the games industry, has announced its new Hybrid AI License, combining real voice talent and Generative AI. This new License will enable game developers to utilize all aspects of modern voice-over production while providing more equitable opportunities for the actors themselves. With the current games landscape increasingly experimenting with the potential of AI, Speechless is offering a solution that takes a greater ethical approach to this technology. 

The first complete management system for the games industry, Speechless’ Hybrid AI License easily allows developers to use the full range of voice-over options in one place - from text-to-speech, speech-to-speech, and conventional voice recording. Unlike other text-to-speech providers, Speechless’ integrated approach allows developers to access the voice actors behind the AI-generated, text-to-speech options. This License not only enables developers to gain greater creative control over voice production but also gives actors control over their AI-generated voice. 

Voice actors will benefit from this License by having their AI-generated voice earn a commission when it is licensed by developers. In addition, developers can utilize text-to-speech options to refine their scripts before bringing on the voice actor for the full recording. Developers can then adjust the voice actor’s recording with its AI counterpart at the later stages of development, removing the need for reshoots and allowing voice actors to move on to new projects. 

The potential of Speechless’ License also enables a greater depth of content for side characters and NPCs and streamlines localization in new markets while keeping voice talent involved. With the rise of generative AI in game development, Speechless is establishing the best practice for utilizing the advantages of this technology without excluding the creative talent of voice actors.   

This new License is available immediately and follows Speechless’ recent collaboration with audio middleware leader Audiokinetic Wwise.

Peo Drangert, CEO of Speechless, says: “We can’t ignore the potential AI has for the games industry, but we need to approach this technology ethically - that’s what we aim to achieve when it comes to voice-acting. By offering a hybrid license, developers can streamline their processes and experiment with different voice actors at a lower cost. At the same time, voice actors are compensated for their work and the work of their AI-generated voice, have greater opportunities to collaborate with studios, and can work more flexibly. AI will continue to grow in the games sector, so we must use it responsibly to ensure a fairer industry.”